What To Eat During Fever ?


Some of the foods you should eat in fever as follows:

  One should drink plenty of clean water because viruses and bacteria grow better in dehydrated cells and the white blood cells present in our blood function better and the toxins are removed more easily when the body has water.

  To maintain the functioning of the immune system in fever, one needs to decrease the caffeine intake.

  During a fever one also needs to decrease the sugar intake, soda, any type of undiluted fruit juice, honey, natural and refined sugars. The reason behind this is the action of the killing white blood cells get slower in sugar foods.

  Choose to eat foods which are cooked, rather than the raw ones. Some of the examples are whole grains, steamed vegetables, soup and diluted juices. The reason is raw foods are difficult to digest as compared to simple foods.

  Freshly extracted lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit juice with diluted half cup water and no sugar or ice should be included in the diet of patient who is suffering from fever.

  In a fever, try to give more of fluids like fruit or vegetable juices, frozen fruit bars, herbal teas, soups and gelatin.

  If the fever is accompanied with diarrhea, then include more of semi-solid or soft foods like khichri (mashed rice), vegetables soups, soft boiled eggs, steamed vegetables, yogurt, and porridge.

  Another can take during fever is rice porridge with ginger and made with vegetable broth. This food is easy to digest and has healing properties.

  Foods like turkey, chicken, fish, oatmeal and bananas support the health of the organs by generating infection fighting white blood cells.

  Probiotics rich foods should be included in the diet as these foods are found to be effective in reducing fever, cough and duration of antibiotic. Foods which you should avoid:

  Avoid drinking unpasteurized milk or milk products.

  Eat raw fruits and vegetables which can be peeled.

  Avoid eating red meat, fish, shellfish and organ meats as they are high in cholesterol and are not easy to digest.

  Drinks like bottled water, carbonated soft drinks and beverages such as coffee and tea should be avoided.

  Bad habits like alcohol consumption, tobacco chewing and smoking should be avoided during a fever.


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