What Should A Pregnant Woman Eat


During the pregnancy period an expecting mother needs best of everything,may it be love,care or the proper food. An expecting mother should be given balanced and nutritious food so that she could keep good health and could provide proper nutrition to the growing baby in her womb.

A pregnant lady should maintain a healthy lifestyle and should be properly taken care of,as her proper health will ensure the proper health of the baby inside. Some of the best food items that should be included in the daily diet of a pregnant lady are mentioned below :

  • Whole grain made food items are healthy and advantageous for an expecting mother. So it is beneficial for a pregnant mother to have whole grain enriched food. Like whole grain bread,rice,pasta,oats,and cereals do provide sufficient amount of folic acid,iron and fibers.


  • Different types of beans are the key source of nutrients and fibers and in addition to that they also provide sufficient amount of iron,folate,calcium and zinc. Some of the types of beans are,black beans,white beans,black eyed peas,lentils,and soy beans.


  • Dairy products like low fat yogurt and skimmed milk are good source of calcium and protein and adding them to the regular diet of a pregnant mother is beneficial.


  • Vegetables and fruits are great food items to be included in your diet chart as they are rich in minerals ,vitamins and fibers.


A pregnant mother should be given a healthy diet as well as a loving and caring environment by her loved ones as she goes through a series of changes within her and at this time proper care of her strengthens her and encourages her to stay strong and stress free.

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