The sweet red Strawberries are one of the world’s best loved fruits. Apart from being delicious, and irresistible to almost everyone, it is easy to cultivate because it is quick to produce fruits. Strawberry is by far the only fruit that has its seeds on the outside of the fruit. Strawberries are an important commercial fruit crop, widely grown in all the temperate regions of the world, but with the advent of day-neutral cultivars, it grows profitably in the sub-tropical regions too.

Strawberries are perfect for curbing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and delaying aging. In fact, studies suggest that the high antioxidant levels in strawberries can help to neutralize the negative effects of free radicals in your system. 

It is also rich in potassium and helps to regulate the electrolytes in our body, lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

Strawberries also contain Folate, which is required for the manufacture of red blood cells. 

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and help in fighting some forms of cancer. It also reduces bad cholesterol. 

Strawberries consist of various vitamins like B2, B5, B6, vitamin K, copper, magnesium, omega fatty acids, and essential fiber. 

It is also used to whiten your teeth. The acids in the fruit help to remove stains from teeth. Rubbing strawberries on your teeth and gums removes tartar and heals the gums. You should take the juice on the teeth for a while and then gargle with warm water. 

Strawberries when added in a number of foods, give an energy boost. 

Strawberries, are fat free, help stimulate body metabolism and suppress an appetite. They can also help keep your weight-reducing hormones functioning properly. 

Strawberry has the ability to remove harmful toxins in the blood. It is also recommended for a sluggish liver, gout, rheumatism, constipation, high blood pressure, catarrh and even skin cancer. 

Strawberry is a rich source of folic acid, which helps to prevent / reduce brain related birth defects. 

Strawberries are highly rated as a skin cleansing food, even though the skin eruptions may appear at first in some cases. 

Strawberries are also known to clean or rid the blood of harmful toxins. 

It has been reported to help cases of syphilis. 

According to studies three or more servings of strawberries per day can decrease the possibility of contracting age-related macular degeneration. 

Strawberries are also beneficial in reversing the course of neuronal and behavioral aging. Due to their positive effects against anti-neurodegenerative diseases, it slows down the onset and reduces the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Strawberries are ideal with cornflakes because it keeps our immune system in order. It is the  perfect fruit to keep a number of diseases at bay.

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