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Shatavari is the climbing plant which grows in the forests of the India. This herb is particularly used to balance the pitta dosha. The herb provides so many healing properties. This is an effective herb for the female reproductive system. It helps to support the female health.

Shatavari is called as Queen of herbs in the ayurveda. It act as natural coolant and have the bitter and sweet rasa. The herb is used for the treatment of disease conditions like indigestion, dysentery, tumors, irritations, burning sensations, eye disorders, kidney disease, hepatopathy, throat disease, gonorrhea, leucorrhea, epilepsy and hyperacidity.

The herb also contains the bioflavonoid which prevents the occurrence of diseases and it is also a good source of calcium, zinc and B complex vitamins.

Shatavari is extremely effective in improving the fertility. It regulates the ovulation and nourishes the female reproductive system. The herb increases the blood to the female genitalia and also raises the sexual sensation. Shatavari is useful to maintain the vaginal lubrication and sensitiveness.

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It also normalizes the hormonal secretion. It relieves the menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and mood swings. This beneficial herb is also useful for the relieve from symptoms of PMS. It relieves the pain and control the blood loss.

This herb is highly beneficial for the pregnant woman and the woman who want to conceive. It provides nourishment to the womb and supports the female organs for the pregnancy. Shatavari also enhances the production of milk in the lactating mothers.

Shatavari is also useful for the treatment of cancer and to cleanse the liver and kidneys. The herb is also useful for the digestion and an effective remedy for the colitis and heartburn. It can also reduce the inflammations in the digestive system like stomach ulcers.

Shatavari can also be useful remedy for the stress relief and thus protects the body form the damaging effects of the stress. This is also a beneficial herb for the treatment of insomnia.  It also controls the anxiety and nervousness. It boosts the appetite and thus helpful for the people with lack of appetite. In ayurveda Shatavari is used in the treatment of dyspepsia and to improve the digestion. It increases the level of enzymes that is amylase and lipase.

Some of the possible side effects of the Shatavari are:

Some people may experience the nervousness, dizziness and exhaustion.

It should be avoided by the women having massive fibrocystic breasts and estrogen affected disorders.

Benefits of the Shatavari during the pregnancy and lactation are still controversial.

People with the kidney disorders and edema should avoid the use of this herb. Even the persons who have complain with lung clogging must not use Shatavari.

People with kidney disorders and edema should also avoid use of the herb.

Routine use of the herb can also cause weight gain in few people.


Herbs can provide tremendous health benefits but to start using them one must consult the Physician of their area first.


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