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Dengue is one of the dangerous diseases found in our country and it could be fatal if not treated properly under proper medical supervision. Dengue is a viral infectious disease transmitted by the bite of an infected female Aedes mosquito. It is a tropical disease and is found in tropical and sub tropical locations as the weather and other factors are favorable for the breeding of such viruses. This critical disease is caused by Dengue virus and due to its exhaustive effects on the patient’s body, many a times it is also referred as the Breakbone disease. This dengue virus and the related disease can affect any person from any age group but it is more dangerous for the ones with weak immune system, as this dengue virus first and the foremost attacks its prey’s immune system. Thus the fever caused by this virus is termed as the Dengue fever.

This disease was first ever discovered in the mid eighteenth century in Philippines. In the severe conditions the Dengue fever turns into Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, which is alarming as well as deadly. The disease cannot be detected without proper medical tests and medical consultations as the symptoms are not very unique and are more like any other viral infections. Some of the prominent symptoms of this disease are nausea, vomiting, rash, generalized pains, low white blood cell count, positive Tourniquet test, low platelets and metabolic acidosis, headache, lower backache, painful pain in the legs and joints, high body temperature, reddening of eyes etc.The Dengue virus not just effects the immune system of the infected person but also tries to wreck every other human system of the body so that patient could feel more weak and get vulnerable easily.

Although, till date there is no approved vaccination for this disease but there are various prevention methods which will surely help to reduce the outbreak of Dengue viruses. First and foremost is the eradication of the carriers of the virus that is the Aedes mosquitoes, and it could be done by destroying the breeding locations of such mosquitoes. It could be easily done by preventing water from stagnation in the open areas and other road side locations, emptying containers with suspected stagnant water or we could add insecticides and other biological chemicals and controlling agents to limit their growth and hence making the home and the surroundings free from mosquito breeds. The public should be properly informed about this disease and the harms and dangers related to it. A clean society will not just keep you safe from such diseases but will also give a positive vibe for a happy and healthy life. During such illnesses you should take care of your eating habits. Better have foods which are easy on your digestive system that means foods which you could digest easily, intake of a lot of liquid products is necessary as it will help you to rejuvenate easily, for this you could have fresh fruit juices, soups and coconut water.

Like already said this disease has common symptoms like any other viral disease and hence it becomes more unpredictable and dangerous; so for a faster recovery you need to concentrate on some simple yet life saving steps. Take proper medication, give your weak body full rest, and have a balanced eating habit, and yeah, keep a positive attitude towards life.


Dengue Fever by Katherine White.

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