Marital Depression


Ups and downs in the marriage are very common and sometimes they may lead to the marital depression. Almost all marriages go through marital problems at some point. Some passes through it little wiser while others are not so lucky. Untreated depression can be a real treat in the marriage. The effects of this can affect every aspect of the person’s life whether it’s a personal life or professional life. Following are some tips which are helpful to avoid marital depression or the problems which comes in marriage:

• Respect each other feelings and emotions. Don’t hurt your partner intentionally. There can be disagreements for a particular thing but try to solve it out calmly. When you have done something wrong admit it. A marriage cannot be successful if both of you will not have respect for each other.

• Good communication is the key of a healthy relationship. Most of the misunderstandings occur in a marriage because of poor communication or we assume that our partner must be knowing about it or he/she must know it. No problem is so big in this world which cannot be solved with mutual understanding.

• Discuss about the financial situation before the marriage. Plan how you will manage your expenses. Financial insecurity can be a great cause of marital problems because if insufficient funds will be there for the daily living then irritation, anger, frustration and stress will develop which can further lead to depression in marriage.

• Learn to forgive each other and don’t make fights on the silly issues. Appreciate each other likings. Just think what are the things which can make your partner happy. Sometimes small gestures can do a great for making a healthier marriage.

• Give your partner some space. He/she can have his own friends or choices. Give him some time to miss you. Don’t be a satellite around him. Extra Possessiveness in a relationship can also lead to problems and can also be a cause for marital depression for the other partner.

• Spend some quality time together. Watch a movie or if both of you are fitness freak then what can be more enjoyful than a refreshing morning walk. This will not only give you a quality time, it will also be helpful for your health.

• Don’t criticize each other rather support each other. If you have some negative thinking about a particular thing don’t get angry or frustrated rather put your point calmly. Anger and frustration can only make a situation worse.

• Don’t bring the past issues in an argument. Marriage is not a battle to win. If your partner really feeling sorry for anything, be kind and forgive him. Manipulating a small thing cannot be an intelligent choice.

• And finally prepare yourself mentally for the marriage. Marriage is not only about the wedding ceremony and honeymoon. There are so many other things beyond that. A marriage needs proper planning, teamwork and agreements on many things and it’s not only about the fantasy world.


•Solving Marriage Problems by Jay Edward Adams
•The Great Marriage Tune-Up Book: A Proven Program for Evaluating By Jeffry H. Larson

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