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Marriage is a social union or a legal contract between two people for companionship or procreation, so husband wife relationship should be healthy. It is an institution acknowledged around the world in a variety of ways and depends on the culture or subculture that each of the partners is brought up in. Indian husbands expect a lot from their wives’. This article is to share some points which every married woman should remember because it will help them in maintaining a healthy relation with their husbands.

A man always loves a woman who respects and treats his family well. So married women, must pay attention and avoid being rude with your husband’s family. 

Always welcome your husband with a smile when he comes home. Husbands will always want their wife to give them a happy smile and a warm hug when they’re back home after a tiring day of work. 

Be patient and try to listen to your husband talk- about his day especially if it was a difficult one. This will help you in sharing a good relationship with your husband. 

Always give respect to your husband and never use humiliating words. This will help you in developing a good understanding with your mate. 

One of the important things that every woman should follow is never to hide things from your husband or keep any secrets after marriage. Be honest with him and try to spend time with your husband on a daily basis. 

Be a good listener when your husband is talking. You may have a dozen important things to tell him but allow him to talk first. Don\'t complain about your problems the moment he comes back from work. Good communication also helps to build trust and strengthen your relationship. 

Never take any major decisions about the family without consulting with husband. 

A husband expects his wife’s support and understanding especially in times of trouble. A good wife loves her husband through his successes and failures and provides reassurance when he\'s feeling low. So always support your husband when he’s going through a tough time. 

Never try to hurt your husband’s ego especially in front of others. 

Be proud of your mate and encourage him or her with your compliments. 

One thing you should remember is that your husband has a life other than you also. He has his family, friends and colleagues who are also part of his life. So give your husband some space. 

Sexual intimacy is one of the most essential things in any marriage. So always try to satisfy him. 

Every person love surprises, so do men. Sometime you may surprise your men through gifts, or cooking his favorite cuisine or through planning a special night. 

Men like praises and appreciation. Make the best of your time together. Men like to hear the words ‘I love you’. So always express your love and emotions.

Marriage is a step forward from bachelor life. Once married you must come up to the expectations of your life partner. Sincerity, devotion and faithfulness are the basic ingredients of a successful marriage life. You must understand the feelings and expectations of your life partner and try to keep him or her stress free. Mutual communication, healthy husband wife relationship and understanding between husband and wife can certainly go a long way in converting your ordinary married life into a happily married life.

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