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Weight can be influenced by many factors like metabolic rate, age, hereditary factors and health conditions. To gain weight one needs to consume more calories than he burn for daily activities. So the first step to gain the weight is to increase the calorie intake. Calorie requirements are different for a sedentary worker, a moderate worker and a heavy worker. So if you are taking fewer calories than required then it can obviously make a hindrance in the weight gain.

Calories should be coming from the healthy food sources and one must avoid the junk foods and fried snacks to increase the calorie count. These foods might be high in calories but they contain the empty calories which can be harmful for the long run and can be the cause of other lifestyle problems. So take the nutritious foods to increase the weight like fruits, nuts, seeds, full cream milk, protein rich foods and soya.

Always keep healthy snacks with you like fruits and vegetables. You can take these whenever you feel hungry. Banana, apple, grapes and nuts are great for snacking because they are rich in calories and other essential nutrients. Take small and frequent meals, they will help to increase the calorie intake and will eventually help to gain the weight. Take three major meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner and along with it take two small meals. Take something at the interval of 2-3 hours; it will make it easier to meet the calorie needs of the body.

Some foods are high in glycemic index and they can help you to gain the weight. Take a chart of high glycemic index foods and try to add them in your diet. Foods like rice, potato, mango, Cheeku, litchi, grapes, custard apple, beetroot, sweet potato and yam are high glycemic index foods and they can also help you to be healthy.

Take healthy beverages which are high in calorie too. You can take almond shake, fruits shakes, fresh juices, soy milk and protein shakes. Avoid consuming packed fruit juices as they contain lots of sugar which can be unhealthy to body.

Enjoy your food and chew it properly before swallowing it. Do not drink water with the food as it can dilute the gastric juices and prevent the breakdown and absorption of food in the body. So drink the water half an hour before or 10-15 minutes after the meals. Some nutrients like vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin B6 and calcium make the mind calm and calmer the mind more will be the weight. So take the foods rich in these nutrients.

Start exercise. Exercise also helps to gain the weight and to be fit and healthy. Start weight lifting exercises because they help to increase the muscle mass. But one must avoid going empty stomach for exercise. Take some complex carbohydrate before going to exercise and after coming back from the gym take proteins to avoid the muscle depletion.(Before the exercise you can take sprouts, oat meal or nuts and after the exercise take protein shake, eggs, paneer or tofu. Plus keep yourself well hydrated during the exercise) So follow these simple guidelines and attain the appropriate weight.


Weight Training for Life by James L. Hesson

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