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All of us want to look tall and smart but not everyone is blessed with the good height. Many times we want to choose the carriers which require good height but due to short stature we can miss the opportunity. We often think that our height cannot increase after the puberty, though it is true that after the puberty your bones have fused and it is not possible to lengthen them any further. But the ligaments which connect the bones together, along with tendons and other tissues can be worked on. So these tissues can be made longer and working on these areas can help to increase a few inches. Healthy diet and exercise are also very important to increase the height.

Although there are plenty of products available in the market to increase the height but they can also carry the possible side effects. Following are some of the healthy and natural tips which can help you to increase the height after the age of 18 years.

Take a healthy diet composed of all the food groups. Take the foods rich in protein, calcium, healthy fats and iron. Along with these take atleast 4-5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

To boost the human growth hormone one must take 5-6 small meals everyday than the conventional 3 meals a day.

Antibiotics also act as growth inhibitors, so one must avoid the excessive use of antibiotics to increase the height.

Take the adequate rest which is required for the body because your body needs time to grow and expand. Muscles grow in dark only so never miss the sound night sleep.

Try to keep your head and neck as straight as possible. Your spinal cord will suppress your height if you bow your head most of the time.

Maintain your weight because a very low body weight can also make the hindrance to increase the height.

Take lots of water and dairy products in the diet. They help to increase the height and also increase the intake of egg, chicken and fish in your daily diet.

A regular exercise also helps to increase the height. Following are some of the exercises which can help to increase the height after puberty:

Vertical Hanging:

This is the simplest and most effective exercise to increase the height. You need a solid bar fixed at least 7 feet above the ground so that the distance between your feet and floor is atleast 4-6 inches. Hold this bar as long as you can and start hanging. This will flex your spine and elongate it.

Cobra Stretch:

This exercise makes the spine supple and flexible so that the cartilage between your vertebrae grows and increases your height. To do this exercise lie down on the floor, face down with the palms on the floor under your shoulders. Begin to arch your spine up leading with your chin. Arch as far back as possible. Do 3-4 repetitions with each repletion lasting between 5-30 seconds.


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Everybody wants to grow tall. Height depends upon your health condition and is also a genetic factor. Read article and know which nutrition and exercise can increase your height.