Cumin is the native of Upper Egypt and it grows in most of the hot countries especially India, North Africa, China and America. The scientific name of the cumin is Cuminum cyminum L. Cumin is called as jeera in Hindi. These seeds are the small dried fruit of an annual plant in the parsley family.

Cumin seeds are used in the cooking and the powder of these seeds are also used for the seasoning and to enhance the flavor of the dishes. The oil of the cumin seeds is used for the cosmetic purposes.

If stored in the airtight containers, aroma and flavor of the cumin can sustain for about 6 months. This is an aromatic spice with the bitter and strong flavor. The strong aroma is due to the presence of essential oils.

These seeds can be added into the meat or poultry marinades, batters or to make the veggies. These seeds are a main ingredient of the garam masala which is used in the preparation of almost every Indian curry. A powder made of these seeds can also be sprinkled over the dal and raita to enhance the flavor. When added to the soups and sauces it just enhance the taste.

These seeds are also used in the pickles and chutneys. One can also use the powder of these seeds on the salads.

Cumin is also used for the medicinal purposes. These seeds are extremely beneficial in the treatment of chest and lung disorders. They are a great source of iron and help in the absorption of nutrients. Cumin is also found to prevent liver and stomach tumors.

Cumin seeds are beneficial for the digestive problems and help to relive indigestion, flatulence and bloating. Cumin seeds relax the muscles and prevent muscle cramps. A decoction made up of these seeds is also given to the lactating mothers to increase the milk production. These seeds are also beneficial during the pregnancy as they reduce the nausea and morning sickness. They help in the smooth and problem free pregnancy. For this take 1 tsp of powdered cumin seeds in a cup of warm milk and add 1 tbsp of raw honey into it. This will help in the healthy development of baby during the pregnancy and it also help to ease the pain of childbirth.

These seeds are beneficial for the treatment of insomnia. For this mix 1 tsp of cumin seed powder and the pulp of a ripe banana and take it before bed. These seeds are also used to treat the skin irritations. For this make a paste of the cumin powder and onion juice and apply it on the affected area. It is very useful in the treatment of boils, bites, bee stings and also reduces the inflammations and pain.

Oil of these seeds is also used for the treatment of various health conditions. It relieves the muscular pains and osteoarthritis. It is a stimulant and helps to relive the colic and indigestion. It is also used as a nervine tonic and beneficial for the treatment of headaches, migrane and nervous exhaustion.


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