Bottle Gourd Benefits


Bottle gourd is a vegetable which has light green smooth skin and a white interior. It is a rich source of nutrients like fiber, iron and Vitamin C. This vegetable is very nutritious and some of the good effects of eating bottle gourd on health are discussed in this article.

 Bottle gourd is a good source of fiber easy to digest and helpful in curing digestion related disorders like constipation, flatulence and piles.


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  It is an effective food for weight loss as it is low in fat and cholesterol. It contains around 96% water and provides around 12 Kcal of energy.

  Bottle gourd is also rich in iron and has vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. If you are suffering from bleeding gums or scurvy bottle guard should be included in your diet.

  Bottle gourd is found to be a very healthy food for hypertension patients because it contains only 1.8 mg per 100gm sodium and 87 mg of potassium.

  Since the number of calories in bottle gourd is low, it can be used as a food for low-cal diets as well as for small children, diabetics and convalescents suffering from digestive problems.

  This vegetable has a large quantity of water and contains cooling, calming and diuretic properties.

  Drinking a glass of bottle gourd juice in the morning helps to prevent a heat stroke during summers.

  It also helps in curing the burning sensation in the urinary passage because of its water content.

  Taking a glass of bottle gourd juice in the morning daily can be very helpful for treating graying hair.

  Conditions like diarrhea can be controlled by consuming bottle gourd.

  Bottle gourd juice is helpful to curb hunger pangs in starvation condition.

  A mixture of sesame oil with bottle gourd juice is an effective medicine for the treatment of insomnia condition.

  Bottle gourd is also effective in treating cardiac ailments, alleviating bronchitis, cough, asthma and biligenic ailments


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