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Banyan tree is one of the sacred trees in India and used for the treatment of various health complications also. This tree bears fruits mostly in the summer.

Powder made up of the fruit of banyan tree is taken for the treatment of numerous ailments. To make the powder of the fruit collect the banyan fruit when they are red in color. Now wash them and cut in four pieces and let them dry under the sun. Make powder of the dried fruit. You can also add fried ajwain powder to this and store this mixture in a glass jar. This powder can be taken with the milk for the health benefits.

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This is beneficial for the children. They can grow taller and stronger by regular consumption of this. The fruit also improves the memory and concentration. This is also beneficial for the women with the menstrual irregularities, womb disorders and frequent abortions. This can also be useful for the removal of wrinkles and makes you look younger to age. For the female sterility roots of  the banyan tree are highly beneficial. Take the powder of the roots with the milk for this.

Decoction made with the bark of the tree is highly beneficial for the treatment of leucorrhea. Latex of the banyan tree is used to cure the rheumatism and pains.

Teeth can also be healthy if cleaned with the roots of the banyan tree. It prevents the occurrence of teeth and gum disorders.

Leaf bud of the banyan tree is helpful to treat the dysentery and chronic diarrhea. Even the latex of the tree is used to treat the condition. Latex of the banyan tree mixed with the milk if taken regularly can be a cure for the bleeding piles.

Powder made from the fruit can be equally beneficial for the men. It can enhance their health and reduce the early discharge problem in them. It can also help them to gain muscles. If taken regularly with milk then it also enhances the intelligence and memory power.

Older people can also regain the lost energy and vitality by taking it regularly. An infusion of the bark can be a very beneficial medicine for the diabetics. The milky juice obtained from the fresh green leaves is useful in destroying warts. The latex of the tree is commonly used for the treatment of sores, ulcers and bruises. The milky juice from the banyan tree can also be useful to relieve the joint and rheumatic pains. It also subsides the swelling. A decoction made from the roots of the tree is also helpful for the relieve form vomiting.

It can also stimulate the hair growth. Boil some dried aerial roots of the banyan tree and lotus root in the coconut oil. Use this on the scalp to stimulate the hair growth and thus beneficial to avoid the baldness.

So we can see that this tree is not only for the worship but it can also provide so many other health benefits. To know more about  the beneficial herbs you can consult the Naturopath of your area.


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Leaves of the banyan tree By Albert Wendt
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